Friday, 22 May 2009

Regulators are taking fraud more seriously

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) appears to be upping the ante when it comes to insider trading by seeking to prosecute two City lawyers who are accused of illegally trading shares based on non-public information.

A corporate partner of US law firm Dorsey & Whitney and a former partner at Will & Emery are both being prosecuted for trading shares related to the takeover of Neutec Pharma by Swiss conglomerate Novartis.

Police have also arrested two men over a suspected fund management fraud worth more than £50 million after the FSA earlier froze the operations of three firms - Business Consulting International, John Anderson Consulting and Kenneth Peacock Consulting - which are alleged to have mishandled millions in investors' money.

Criminal lawyers have also warned that the Serious Fraud Office is also taking the issue of corporate bribery and corruption more seriously and we understand that legislation is pending regarding the seizing of corporate assets in bribery and corruption cases.

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